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David Baker, Offaly

"After doing a lot of research and speaking to other farmers I bought a 24,000 litre Mueller bulk tank in 2007.  I have been very impressed to date with the quality of milk and low running costs.  I would have no hesitation in buying a Mueller again."

Noel Collins, Drinagh, Cork

"We have had a Mueller Milk tank since I can remember.  I am very impressed with the cooling of the HiPerForm system and the excellent wash and overall reliability of the tank.  We have our Mueller six years and I am very happy with it."  
Noel Collins, Finalist in the NDC Kerry Gold Milk Awards 2012

Brian Doheny, Tullaroan, Kilkenny

"Four years ago we setup a new dairy unit on a greenfield site, it was important that we purchased a milk tank that was reliable and cost efficient.  My father had a Mueller tank on the home farm for over 35 years without any problems so it had to be a Mueller.  Since installing the tank in May 2008 I have been very impressed with the speed of cooling and the lower running costs from the Mueller HiPerForm.  I would definitely recommend a Mueller."

Aidan, Mary and Fiachra Liston, Croom, Co. Limerick

"In 2012 we needed to invest in a bigger bulk tank.  To house a larger tank we would have had to build a new dairy.  When we added up the cost of housing a new tank, we found that the 30,000 Litre Mueller Silo to be a more viable and a cheaper option. Previous to installing our silo we had two Mueller tanks one of which was installed in 1979 which served us very well.  For a tank of this size I am very impressed with the cooling efficiency of the HiPerForm system, washing capabilities and the amount of hot water we get back from the heat recover unit"

John McCarthy, Co. Cork

"The superior wash system and fast cooling of the Mueller milk tank are all key components to having a low TBC and excellent overall milk quality.  I doubled the size of my tank and I was impressed to see that my energy bill had dropped significantly.  To date this is my third Mueller milk tank."  John McCarthy, Winner of The Carbery Milk Quality Award

Michael, Richard and Michael Jnr Wall, Co. Limerick

"We have had Mueller milk tanks for over 25 years and they have never let us down, so when it came to purchasing a new tank last year it was an easy choice.  The efficiency of the cooling is very impressive, the milk is almost cooled when I finish milking.  The Mueller does exactly as they promise."

Michael Mooney and John Hammel, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

"Since we put in the Mueller tank what I have been most impressed with is the cooling time of the condensing units.  Before we put in the HiPerForm units I heard they were good to cool but never thought they would be as good as they are.  We also enjoy low TBC counts with the Mueller Eco Wash."

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